• Skin
    You deserve to feel beautiful
    facials are workouts for skin
  • Slimming
    A little progress each day adds
    up to big results
  • Salon
    Get beautiful Hair
    It all starts with a good hair hairstyle
  • Holistic Spa
    Relax, Rejuvenate & Refresh
    Give your body a little love..
    it deserves it
  • Make-up
    Head up Gorgeous
    there is nothing more beautiful
    than making a woman feel beautiful
  • Aesthetics
    Skincare Treatments
    Inner beauty is great but
    a little cosmetic never hurts

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All days in a week from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

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Walk in for more than a cut and curl. We have got you covered, head to toe.

A-stheva is one place for all your wellness needs. APARNA MISHRA, founder of A-stheva discusses that, “Wellness is a way of life, making positive choices that enhance your body, mind and spirit. At A-stheva, which we regard as a wellness center, we invite you to take a pause from your busy life, to disconnect from your habitual patterns and reconnect to a deeper part of yourself. A-stheva makes a positive contribution to everyone who comes into contact with it.”

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